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Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I'm moving!

I have (finally) with Kim's help (lots and lots) set up my new blog site:

So will no longer be operational.
I am going in tonight to write my first blog....I am so excited. I will probably be doing some adjusting to it over the next little bit so don't be alarmed if you see a different set up or color scheme everytime you tune in.

See you in the new site......

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Merry Christmas!!

I think I may have found my "blogging problem". I updated my blog to google so the normal things I used to do don't seem to work anymore. I can text but I don't seem to be able to load any photos or write a blog in picassa which is a real pain. I may have to switch to another blog site but I'll keep you updated if I do. Quite frankly I just don't have time right now to play around with it. Between going in and out of the city every day and getting ready for Christmas I don't seem to have a spare moment.

I have completed 4 1/2 weeks of radiation and have 8 more sessions to go...Yippee! This takes me up to January 3 0r 4 with the holidays. They are really pleased with my lack of side effects and how my skin is reacting. God is good!!! They gave me some hydrocortizone cream today to help with the itching from the burn but other than that things are going great. The only thing I have noticed is when I get tired I don't seem to have that second wind to keep going. My energy level is good but there are times when I hit the wall. All this I can live with. It truly is a walk in the park after the chemo treatments.

Looking back on the year it all just seems a little surreal. Did all this really happen to me? I walked into the NS Cancer Clinic the other day, just like I have all year long, and thought how weird it was...what am I doing here? I look around at all the "sick" people and think I don't belong here. Its sometimes still hard to put my name and cancer together in the same sentence. That may sound strange to you guys. You would think after all these months I'd have a grip by now but there are times when this just doesn't seem real or possible to me. I'm also starting to feel better, you know, physically more like myself, so some days it is even harder to fathom.

I have to thank my good friends Leanne, Beth, Vicki Lynn, Nancy and the ladies from Temple Baptist Church. Leanne delivered two large coolers of meals and my freezer is filled to overflowing. It has been put to good use during the radiation treatments. Before I leave in the morning I take a meal out to thaw and by the time Randy and the boys get home all they have to do is pop it in the oven. Every meal have been delicious and much appreciated.

Several women from Weston, my home church have brought me some Christmas baking. Mary Kaiser gave me a LARGE box of squares and treats and Ruth Henshaw made a beautiful cranberry cake. There have been so many over the months that have dropped off cookies and meals...Esther, Charmin, Shannon, Courtney, Kim, Lisa, Tammy.....I hate naming names because I know I will forget someone. Just know how much it was appreciated. I know how busy these women are with their own families and it just amazes me that they take the time to do this for us.

Well, the trees are up and the house is decorated, the presents are bought and wrapped, the cards are done and sent...I think I'm ready for Christmas. I LOVE this time of year. I love the process of getting ready as much as the actual day. I am getting more excited every day. Andrew came home from school today and told me he and his friend were talking about Santa and Andrew told him what Christmas was really all about...Jesus' birthday. I am so proud of that kid.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Monday, December 04, 2006

Please stay posted!!!

I hope this posts! I have been having a terrible time with my blog. For 5 days, everytime I logged in all I got was a blank red screen. Finally, my blog came up so I posted a big long blog with photos. It was there that night but the next morning had disappeared. So I did another one. That disappeared. It is so frustrating. So to all of you that have emailed me, I am not ignoring you, I just can't blog. I am not going to type too long in case this doesn't post either.

All is well here. Busy, Busy, Busy!!! I am travelling in and out of the city so the days are just a blur. The radiation is going great so far, no problems or serious side effects. I am staying at Moms tonight because my appointment is at 8 in the morning but if this blog stays I'll post another one with photos on Tuesday.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Oh happy day to me!!!

What a great day it was! The boys brought me breakfast in bed as I was getting up although Andrew was somehwhat upset because I wouldn't get back in bed. My husband gave me a diamond circle necklace and a beautiful card that made me cry. The opening verse said "To the woman I would marry all over again"! Well, you know, having gone through what we have in the past year and me not looking my best...well, sob, he just couldn't have said anything nicer. Plus lots of gifts and well wishes from family and friends. The day couldn't have been any better. (Kim, I love my platter and candles and the "spit tune" will get lots of use Kelsey).

These pictures are of my good friends and scrapbooking and room sharing buddies, Beth, Leanne and Vicki Lynn. The scrapbooking retreat at the Old Orchard Inn was great. It just keeps getting better and better. I got lots of pages done and had some R&R with the girls.

They are kissing my semi-bald head in the top photo in the hopes that the hair will grow in faster!?! They did keep mentioning how it seemed to be longer every time they looked at me! We did alot of laughing and crying (Beth) that weekend. It was very therapuetic. These are also the friends, who along with some family members, made us a freezer full of meals and treats during my chemo treatments. I just love you guys!! Thanks for a great time.

A friend at the retreat told me that her good friend was just diagnosed with Inflammatory Breast Cancer. This is rare and very, very nasty. She is 33 years old with a 3 month old baby. She and her doctor thought it was mastitis from breastfeeding but when it wouldn't clear up she was sent to a specialist. Whenever we think our load is too heavy, we are reminded that there is always someone whose load is heavier. She has a long road ahead of her and needless to say, she and her family need our prayers.

So far the radiation treatments are going well. They are much like a pain and you are in and out within 10-15 minutes. My radiation oncologist, Dr. Maueen Nolan, is the total opposite of my Medical Oncologist...she is funny and sweet and I can talk to her about anything. Everyone of the radiation techs have been really nice so it tends to make it a more enjoyable experience. Sara and I are heading into the city tomorrow. I have a radiation appointment at 3:00 and then we are going to stay overnight at Mom and Dad's. After my appointment Friday morning we will head back home for the weekend. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

We're Back!

Just a quick note to let everyone know we are back home. The scrapbook weekend was fantastic and our trip to Pennsylvania was wonderful, just what I needed!!! I have so many stories to tell and photos to share!!

I started radiation yesterday and it is a breeze after the chemo (I hope I don't live to regret those words!!). It takes at the most 15 minutes! I am just getting tired of the drive into the city everyday and its only day 2!

I am off to bed as I have to be in the city early to have my portocath flushed before my radiation treatment. I'll post again tomorrow night.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

To Cheryl, Mallorie, Lisa, Charmin, Sarah, Erin, Shannon, Annette, Esther and Kim,

When I scrapbook I always put a little piece of myself into it. My creativity, emotion and most times, love. Many times I agonize over a page to get it just right. Some pages cost me a ton of money in supplies.
Others are so simple yet are right from the heart.

So when you girls gave me the album last night I was overwhelmed because I know the investment you put into it...the time and love.
How do you say thank you for that?

Every page is different and personal and is a reflection of that person and I LOVE that. After I got home last night, I had to reread the journaling and look at each page over and over because my eyes were swimming in tears. It is simply beautiful and means more than I can put into words. I feel so blessed to know women like you and am honored to be called your friend.

Cancer can take so much from you. I've never felt that because I keep being blessed and blessed. I have been give so much and to me, this album is a symbol of the cancer...of what it CAN'T take from you!

So thank you....for your gift of love.